2023 Honda Civic Type R Preview

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R is raring to go for its 30th model year and the 50th year of the legendary Civic. To celebrate this milestone, Honda has updated and re-engineered the Civic Type R to provide drivers their most powerful experience with this model yet. While not all is known about the impending 2023 Honda Civic Type R as of yet, we have a good idea of its many features already ahead of its fall release, from performance to exterior and interior design. Our GP Honda thought it best to get you acquainted with the new Honda Civic Type R as soon as possible, and ready you for its release, providing you with a taste of what to expect. 

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Exterior Design

The exterior design will be familiar to those who are well-known to the traditional Civic, highlighted by that iconic honeycomb grille and large front fenders. You’ll find new side sill spoilers that take up residence right behind the front wheels. A little farther back from that are the rear doors, which have been made to be a bit wider, and back farther from there is an updated rear bumper and spoiler. Choose from 3 different colour options of Rallye Red, Sonic Grey and Historic Championship White.

Interior Design

Looking at the interior of this sport-focused sedan showcases much of what you’d expect in a performance car. The cabin is focused around the driver, as the decision-maker inside the vehicle. Red accents are a continual theme across the interior, from the seats to the carpet, providing a welcome contrast and adding to the sport look. Additional touches for the year see a Type R plate on the dashboard and an aluminum shift knob.


Some of the exact number specifics aren’t available as of yet for the Civic Type R’s engine, but we do know what will be found under the hood. A 2.0L litre engine powers the sports sedan along, said to be more powerful and responsive than before. As well, it’s matched with a 6-speed manual transmission, which itself has also been upgraded for the new year. Additionally, to keep up on all of your live performance data is a +R driving mode that displays data like gear position and engine RPM. Beyond the engine performance, the body of the vehicle has been made both lighter and more durable, providing for better agility and speed improvement. Not only that, but steering and suspension has been improved to ensure you’re always in ultimate control.

Close-up of Type R engine

Stay Up-to-Date with the 2023 Civic Type R at GP Honda

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R is set to debut this fall, and our local GP Honda dealership here in Grande Prairie is your source for everything Civic Type R. Get in touch with us to stay up to date on the latest vehicle info and when it will arrive at our dealership. As we get closer to the release date, pricing and further details will be released, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in this definitive Honda Civic Type R.